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Our Company has always been dedicated to evolving for the best and achieve our goals while being committed to honing the discipline of professionalism. With over 400 flourishing projects, ZB Group has consistently excelled in the construction realms of UAE and India. We have been at the forefront of this sector for more than 25 years. Across Dubai and India, we are stepping ahead with our goals as we carry out and execute significant projects, and we are now going far & beyond our boundaries to extend ourselves in different sectors, from Construction to Urban Planning. Our group has exemplary experience in Strategic Urban Planning, Road Structure Designs, Water Irrigation Systems, Environmental Planning and Infrastructure Masterplans. Furthermore, we have achieved an important milestone in Real Estate Development, Electromechanical contracting, Marble and Granite Trading, Building Materials Supply, Hotel Management, Commercial Space & shopping centers Management, etc,. And now, ZB Group is in the process of creating its hallmark in Africa to broaden our company’s global scope and foster mutual growth and development.

Syed Azam

Group Director - Civil Engineer, Urban Planner


Syed Azam Moinuddin is an Eminent civil engineer, Urban Planner and Environmentalist. With more than 400 completed projects, he has accomplished globally sustainable development programs to build resilient urban infrastructures while promoting economic growth by providing productive and long-term employment in the construction sector for the past three decades in the UAE and India. With more than 30 years of experience now, He has played diverse roles in various international trades in logistics & shipping and has generated international employment to uplift the rising youth in UAE and India. Strengthening the ecological balance and the social health with the economic infrastructure, he has promoted smart cities concept in urban planning centers. In 2017, he launched Save Environment World Association (SEWA). It is an NGO foundation and has been registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and also registered on National Government Services Portal (NGO DARPAN) being maintained by (NITI AAYOG) formerly known as the Finance Planning Commission of India. His latest accomplishment was successfully becoming the member of Urban Planning Commission of Dubai.

Syed Afzal

CEO - Civil Engineer


Mr. Syed afzaluddin graduated from the Osmania University, civil engineering dept. In 1987. He has been the CEO of ZB Group board of directors since 2013. Previously, he has also been the deputy chairman and general manager of Elite Landmark Construction LLC – group of landmark hotel management. His main asset for the firm was in propelling the revenue by evaluating the market and identifying the new prospects. Mr. Afzal, who also contributed in the field of business development was responsible to generate new sales opportunities by developing humble relationships with new and existing clients while handling the role of business development representative for ZB Constructions and ZB Electromechanical LLC. Under his power-packed supervision, he was able to complete various projects in the UAE including luxury villas, commercial and residential buildings, commercial warehouses and high end star hotels. Adding up to the honours, he was approved structural engineer recognised by the municipality of Dubai in the year 2011. With all the solidity Mr. Afzal carried proudly upon his shoulders, he was able to cover maximum business globally including the countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Russia and the Gulf countries.
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  • Our Vision

    “Structuring your Dream on a Brand New Horizon!!”

  • Our Mission

    “To strengthen our strategy for paving the way to render world – class services and be the most reliable company recognised globally”

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

ZB Group of companies has always been dedicated to evolve as per industry needs and achieve its goals while believing in honing the discipline of professionalism. With more than 25 years of experience we are proud to be pioneering in the construction technology.
A company’s HSE policy is a reflection of its ethics and vision for the future. At ZB Group, we constantly strive to improve our HSE policy while serving the customers and staying congruent in this vast pool of construction Industry.
We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill health at our offices for our employees, contractors, and visitors, where we undertake several occupational health and safety measures in order to guarantee the continual improvement of our occupational health and safety management system, and development of a positive health and safety culture by engaging our stakeholders effectively.

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This policy represents our general intent towards health, safety and environment management, and shall be made available to all our stakeholders, internal and external, on our region’s website, and upon request by any interested party. This policy will be reviewed annually in order to keep it in line with our intentions and mode of operations.

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